“Hi! My name is Lindsay and I’ve been singing and playing guitar at Time Music Studios for 6 years. Not once has this studio failed to impress me with their service and friendliness. Ever since I began lessons, I could always feel welcome and wanted. Every day I would be greeted with a smile, and if I arrived at the studio a little bit early, I could always strike up a conversation with any of the teachers and managers. I’ve grown so much as a musician, and as a person. Time Music Studios has watched me grow since I was 11 (I’m almost 18) now I’ve gone from being terrified of singing on stage, to loving every second of performance. My AMAZING teachers, Lauren Woods (Vocals) and Mike Mackenzie (Guitar) have taught me so much over the years. I have successfully auditioned for 3 choirs at Central Memorial High School because Lauren helps me with my Vocals, and Mike helps me with Sight Reading and a huge portion of my theory. I am so proud to be a student of this studio and a part of this family. I look forward to every lesson I have and for all the future growth I will experience in the years to come with Time Music Studios.” – Lindsay L (student)


“My three children have been taking piano lessons at Time Music Studios since it opened 7 years ago.  I love the location – it takes 3 minutes to get there.  Also, there are enough teachers that all three of my children can take lessons at the same time, so instead of waiting hours, we are done in half an hour.  Craig has encouraged a love of music and an understanding of music in our son, who is now very passionate about music.  I don’t hesitate for a moment to recommend Time Music Studios.” – Sharon F (Parent)


“I have been a student at Time Music Studios for four years now. The teachers and staff are enthusiastic and personable, they love their craft and they want the student to do well. The studio is relaxed and inviting. It has been a great experience.” – Corbin M (Student)


“Our son has been attending Time Music Studios for the past several years for guitar lessons.  We have been very pleased with his progress and have found that the support and encouragement provided has kept our son engaged in his music lessons. He has really enjoyed the sessions and expertise that Time Music has offered and we hope to continue lessons for years to come.  We would like to thank Time Music and their staff for the wonderful professional experience that they have provided and would not hesitate in recommending their music lessons!” – Debbie K (Parent)


“Both of our children have been attending Time Music Studios for a number of years.  It has been an incredible experience for both of them.

Our son, age 13, has worked with Dave Severson (at the West Springs location) on guitar.  It continues to be an amazing experience, full of musical theory using a Methods Teaching book, learning contemporary songs and fine-tuning and recording several of our son’s own guitar compositions.  He has learned so much beyond a regular music lesson and now has a CD with over 10 compositions to prove it!  Dave and our son have an incredible working relationship.  He is supportive, comprehensive, creative and fun.  All these qualities make him an incredible teacher.

Our daughter, age 10, has worked with Craig Johnson (at the Discovery Ridge location) on piano.  She loves going to music and has an amazing relationship with Craig.  He is interested in her life, and he honors who she is as a musician. The experiences that he provides are rich and designed to create a unique learning opportunity based on her abilities and her interests.  The lessons offer a balance of ‘book work’, which supports learning musical theory, and learning contemporary pieces that Cassie is passionate about.  Both the pace and musical level are adjusted to match her unique abilities and, yet, stretch her learning. 

Both of our children love music.  Time Music Studios has definitely contributed to this.  Because of this, we will continue lessons for many years to come!”Janet and Jim W (Parents)


“Time Music has been a fantastic place for my son to take piano lessons for the past 4 years. The staff and teachers are very friendly; the teachers are experienced and enthusiastic about music. My son likes his teacher very much and looks forward to every lesson.”Renee L


“They’re awesome and the teaching is really good!” Ethan L (Student age 10)


“Joel has studied guitar and saxophone at Time Music.  Mike Mackenzie, who is himself a professional musician, has taught Joel guitar since 2006, and in that time Joel has not just developed in terms of skill in playing, but in music appreciation, in inspiration and in confidence.  The connection the two of them have has made a huge difference and contributed to Joel joining a performing arts program in high school where he plays guitar for several auditioned groups including the Jazz Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble.  He has also been recruited for a respected adult Jazz Orchestra in the city.   Joel also plays saxophone with a symphonic band and after his first year, won the most accomplished first year musician award. Currently Joel is playing sax with the pit band in a production at the Pump House Theatre.  Joel now plans to pursue music as a career and it all started at Time Music.” – Mark and Lynn V (Parents)


“Introducing music to my children was a top priority for me as a parent.  Not only did I want them to learn to play an instrument, but the main goal was to develop skills that they could take with them as they grow – dedication, perseverance, concentration and focus, confidence, humility, and passion.  Time Music Studio has been able to support us with these goals.

We have been with Time Music Studios for four years.  My 8 and 11 year old daughters currently take piano and voice lessons and my 6 year old son takes guitar.  Our experience with the Studio has been a very positive one from the beginning.  They have a very dynamic staff that can accommodate different learning styles.

My children look forward to their lessons each week, and there is never any struggle for their home practice.  I attribute this mainly to their instructors.  We have had such inspiring, motivating, energetic, encouraging, and very patient teachers.  I cannot say enough positive things about the instructors and the staff at Time Music.  They have been so very kind and accommodating.

We also look forward to the winter and spring recitals each year.  It is amazing to watch the developing talent in our children, and to get a taste of all different music disciplines, whether it is piano, voice, drums, guitar, or violin.  It is refreshing to see that these kids are not only learning music, but valuable life skills.   It is an event we always thoroughly enjoy!” – Tracy B (Parent)


“Our son has been a percussion student at Time Music Studios for the last 5 years.  We have been very pleased with the quality of instruction that he has received, and the friendly nature of the teachers and staff.  He is constantly challenged, and the fact that he is always eager to attend his lessons speaks to the enjoyment that he receives from them.  Thanks to the Time Studios team for their help in fostering a love of music in our family.” Tim & Kate N (Parents)


“I’ve been at Time Music Studios for four years and every time I go to a lesson, I love it more and more.  It is such an exceptional learning environment that is positive and encouraging for all students to pursue their love for music. The teachers are incredibly patient and knowledgeable. I have two music teachers; one for voice and the other for guitar and I know firsthand that they are so passionate about what they do. Musically, I have grown so much from Time Music Studios. The atmosphere is very inviting but still professional. I would recommend Time to anyone, I enjoy it so much.” – Kennedy  R (Student)


“My two sons have participated in Time Music Studio music lessons for 3 years.  One son has been taking Drum lessons and the other Electric Guitar lessons.  Music has given them focus and a desire to succeed; the atmosphere is friendly as well as relaxed and the quality of instruction is impressive.” – Lisa W (Parent)


“For the past six years Time Music has offered our children a chance to study a variety of instruments (Piano, Music Theory, Guitar, Bass, Drum and the Rock Band Ensembles) with an equally various level of experience.  From the seriousness of Conservatory exams, to the fun of playing favourite popular tunes and the joy of creating their own original works, the terrific teachers at Time Music have helped our family to experience the full range of possibilities that a music education provides.  Thank you to Craig, Dave and all the wonderful staff at Time Music for a very successful 6 years.”Michele & Ian G (Parents)


“The most important aspect of putting my child in music lessons is that they learn to love the arts. This gives the highest probability of a lifelong talent & musical appreciation. As part of this adventure, I decided to put both myself & my daughter into piano lessons at Time Music Studios. The teachers we received are extremely well talented & very flexible in their approach to us. My daughter’s teacher has kept her engaged & interested in piano lessons, to the point where I’ve never had to ask my daughter to practice; she freely plays on the piano every day & is by far a better pianist that me.” – ED (Parent/Student)