About Us

About Time Music Studios

Time Music Studios is a privately owned and operated music school offering quality personalized music lessons and instrument sales. The studio started in Discovery Ridge but now has two successful locations situated in the South West of Calgary: West Springs and in the North West of Calgary: Evanston. The studio also runs a thriving In-Home Program catering to select South West Calgary communities. Known for its highly qualified teachers, personalized lesson sessions and friendly, welcoming environment; the studio has made a name for itself in the private music education sector. For your convenience the studios also stock instrument accessories and music books.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Time Music Studios is to set precedence in the privately taught music education industry. Our focus is to develop a unique and exciting musical learning environment for students of all ages ranging from beginner to advanced playing levels. We aim to provide musical education unlike any other by offering new and innovative curriculum tailored to the personal learning approaches, rates and preferences of our students. It is our belief that students should have choices and options when it comes to their musical education and here at Time Music Studios we aim to foster personalized musical development.