David Severson

David Severson

Born and raised in Calgary, an extremely rare event, music has been and continues to be David’s ultimate passion although listening to Jimi Hendrix’ Purple Haze was his catalyst to playing guitar. Little did he know but his passion would become his life’s career. A local musician since age 13, he evolved from a bedroom guitar player to play on stages and venues across Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

A graduate from the Mount Royal Jazz Performance Program, David has honed his ability to be musically versatile and creative. His love for music and desire to impart his knowledge to others led David to begin teaching at various studios around the city and in 2005 he opened Time Music Studios. David is the owner and operator of Time Music Studios West Springs and Evanston locations.

Although a teacher for over 20 years, David still continues to be a part of the vibrant Calgary music scene. He is currently a member of K.O.R.E. ( Kids Original Rock Experience), Scotch On Sunday Acoustic Trio and his Corporate band Wildcard.  David is also involved with recording and producing artists through Man Cave Audio.

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Calgary’s Best Acoustic Trio. Rock classics played in an Acoustic Format.


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