25 Jan 2018

Recital FAQ’s

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Where: Valley View Community Church – 7655, 26th Ave SW

When: Saturday February 03rd

Cost: $5.00 per performing student and free of charge for as many family members and friends as you can bring!

Duration: Each program is only an hour long. We ask that you stay in attendance for the duration of the program. If you must exit the room at any point, please do so in-between performances so as not to distract the performers.

Dress Code: You can wear anything you are comfortable in as long as it is appropriate and family friendly attire. Most opt for Semi Casual, but our clients’ dress codes have run the gamut from Tuxedo to Karate Uniform.

When Should I Arrive?: Clients should arrive 5 – 10 minutes before each program. This will allow for you to connect with your attending teachers, tune instruments, sign-in, collect a program and find a seat.

Can I Take Pictures?: Yes! You can take as many pictures and videos of your kids as you like. This year we will have two chairs at the very front with a reserved sign. These chairs are for clients to use while their child is performing so that they have the best chairs in the house for viewing, recording and pictures! (Please vacate these chairs in time for the next clients to use them) We also have a Media Wall Backdrop for our Stars to take their well deserved glam shots photos. Stop by and take your photo!

Will Time Music Studios Be Recording The Performances?: Unfortunately our recital day has so many students that it is not possible to record all of them, but you are welcome to take as much video as you like!

Should I Bring My Sheet Music Or Book?: Absolutely! You should bring it just in case you may need it. Nerves can get the better of the best of us sometimes. Being prepared as much as possible will reduce your anxiety.

Can I See The Program Before The Recital Day?: Yes! We will post our programs to our website on Friday evening (February 02nd). You will be able to see exactly when your name will be called. We post the programs to help reduce the anxiety of our clients. We do not post our programs so that clients may arrive late or leave early so that they are only in attendance for their own performance.

Can I Leave Early?: We appreciate that our clients have busy schedules with various other activities; however, out of respect for all performers, we ask that you stay for the hour which passes very quickly.