03 Sep 2014

Welcome Back!

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WelcomeSeptember brings with it a cold chill to the air as well as back to school/other yearly activities including your favorite: Music Lessons! Lessons at all studios including in-home programs resume on Tuesday September 02nd 2014. We are excited to be back and look forward to another year full of musical progress and realized potential.

We welcome all of our returning students from years past. We thank you for your trust in us to bring you to new musical heights each year. We are honored and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We also welcome all of our new students. We look forward to getting to know you, to sharing our passion for music with you, to helping you along your musical journey and to seeing you grow in musical prowess.

This year brings a few new changes as do most. Time Music Studios is pleased to announce that we launched our 03rd location in the North West of Calgary this September: Time Music Studios Evanston. We are proud to announce that this is our biggest location yet with bigger lesson rooms and larger retail space. Word of mouth means more to us than any other advertising tool. If you believe in us and value the kind of quality we bring to you as a music studio, tell your friends about us!

This studio addition brings with it a change in our staff line-up. After 3 years as Reception and Office Manager of the Discovery Ridge location and 2 years as Office Manger of our West Springs location, Simone Ramkissoon moves to Evanston as the Manager of our newest addition. We have no doubt that she will bring to that studio the quality of service and success that she has brought to our other locations. This leads to another change as the West Springs location welcomes Alexandra Chioureas as it’s new Receptionist. Alexandra moves from the Discovery Ridge location after completing her training there. She is an excellent addition to the West Springs team. We have not forgotten our Discovery Ridge clients. We ask you patience and understanding as we seek to find you a reliable and trustworthy receptionist. In the interim, Craig Johnson (co-owner of Time Music Studios) will be handling your needs until reception can be found.

In addition to staff changes, this year also brings a few additions to our teacher line-up. Time Music Studios welcome Keith Siudy, Kwesi Cripps, Rachel Giek, Reina Gomez, Andre Wickenheiser, Joel Ostrom, Janelle Schiffner, Lisa Van Oyen, Melody Chow, Andrea Arksey and Lana Alexeeva. We are thrilled to have such a range of amazingly talented and qualified teachers join our team and we look forward to what the next few years will bring.

Thank you to all of our clients, students, customers, teachers and staff that make Time Music Studios a successful and relevant studio to the respective communities we call home. Welcome Back and let’s have a great year together!